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Atlas cedar essential oil


Botanical name: Cedrus atlantica

INCI: Cedrus atlantica (Atlas Cedar) Wood Oil

CAS No: 8000-27-9

EINECS No: FEMA: 8023-85-6 FDA: 295-985-9

Country of origin: Morocco

Extraction method: Steam Distillation

Part used: Wood and sawdust

Color: Golden yellow to orange-brown liquid

Gravity: 0.910 – 0.939

Major constituents: β-Himalachenes: Min 29 – 52% γ-Himalachenes: Min 7 – 20% Methyl eugenol: Max 0.4%

Common uses: Air purifier, coughs, dandruff, dry skin, fungal infections, insect repellant, nervous tension, rashes, rheumatism, ulcers. Cedarwood is a good addition to a hair tonic, and gives the aroma a long lasting undertone.The soft delicate fragrance of Atlas Cedar Essential Oil has long been used in perfumery where it offers a cost effective way to bring a softness, and slight sweet note, to any blend. A great addition to sweet, floral, and woody blends.