Blue tansy essential oil (Chamomile)

Botanical name: Tanacetum annum
INCI:Tanacetum annum (Tansy) Essential Oil

Common uses: Blue Tansy – like all of the blue essential oils containing the active azulene – is best known for it’s skin care properties. Tansy Blue has a surprisingly sweet scent making it perfect for applications in skin care products and skin therapies

CAS No: 8002-66-2
EINECS No: 273-313-5
Country of origin: Morocco
Extraction method: Steam Distillation
Part used: Flowers
Color: Bluish green liquid
Gravity: 0.910 - 0.925

- Contains ketones: not recommended during pregnancy (especially the first 3 months) and breastfeeding.
- Hormonal Action: avoid in some subjects
- Contains ketones: not recommended for young children and patients with epilepsy

Major constituents:

Monoterpenes: sabinene (19.38%), beta-pinene (6.93%), para-cymene (4.56%), alpha-phellandrene (5.05%), myrcene (4.81%), limonene (3.09%), alpha-pinene (3.01% ) gamma-terpinene (1.56%), camphene (1.04%), alpha-terpinene (0.94%), terpinolene(0.56%)

Monoterpenols: terpinen-4-ol (1.88%), borneol (2.28%), alpha-terpineol (0.25%)

Sesquiterpenes: chamazulene (7.54%), beta-caryophyllene (2.00%), germacrene-D (1.24%), bicyclogermacrène (0.32%) Ketones camphor (12.59%), pulegone (0.26%) beta-eudesmol (0.74%) Phenols thymol (0.78%) Oxides: 1,8-cineole (0.48%)